CRENG Final Conference, 8 July 2022

8 July 2022
On July 8, 2022, the conference officially ended the implementation of the Crisis and Risk Engineering for Transport Services (CRENG) project.

The meeting was conducted remotely due to the limitations of mobility in Partner Countries, the potential pandemic threat, and the war in Ukraine, which forced a significant part of Ukrainian Partners to leave the country.

During the conference, partners from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan presented their achievements, including monographs and textbooks prepared as additional effects of the project and their use at home universities. In addition, speeches were given by representatives of partners from the European Union who actively supported Partners from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan in the implementation of the new programs. The second part of the conference was intended for technical presentations and a Round table on the CRENG Future to outline new possibilities for the project and its outcomes.

The conference was attended in person by representatives of the Baku Engineering University, which stayed at the Warsaw University of Technology during a study visit. The visit was part of the project, during which WUT and BEU jointly recognized the possibilities of further academic cooperation based on the project results.

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